About Us

How We Minister

  • One-on-one Biblical discipleship, counseling, encouragement, and prayer to couples and individuals utilizing the "Identifying & Resolving Spiritual Issues Workbook."
  • Seminars for churches and groups to equip and empower with the truth that sets people free and gives vision to help others live free in Christ.
  • Resource materials made available from many leaders in the spiritual freedom field.
  • Training men and women to help others connect with the heart and find their freedom in Christ.
  • Caring for the Emotionally Damaged Heart material.


Freedom Ministries of the Quad Cities is a ministry anchored in Biblical Truth and empowered by the Holy Spirit, committed to freeing people from spiritual and emotional struggles that hinder their relationship with Jesus Christ and others.

Who Are We?

Freedom Ministries of the Quad Cities associated with John Regier in May 2003. We have used his Biblical Concepts Counseling Workbook and Rekindling Marital Intimacy teaching to help couples since 2000. John Regier's ministry, Caring for the Heart, refers couples to Freedom Ministries of the Quad Cities from many states in the Midwest. When a couple calls, they are sent intakes and brochures and asked to return the completed intake before scheduling an appointment. We meet with a couple for twelve hours spread over four days. God intended us to enjoy emotional intimacy in marriage. This material is designed to help individuals identify and resolve their personal problems so they can give and receive love. Topics such as bitterness, moral failure, negative thought patterns, abandonment, neglect, and rejection are issues we cover, asking God to reveal areas in their lives that prevent them from loving with an open heart. We guide couples to speak to each other's hearts in a manner that exhibits compassion, sympathy, understanding, and acceptance. This process results in opening each other's hearts to feel loved. Now, a true marriage relationship can begin as God intended.

Our History

Wayne and Jeanine Allen were born and raised in Moline, IL. They have two married daughters and six grandchildren. Wayne is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, Marycrest University, and Trinity Seminary and Bible College, Newburg, IN. Wayne is an ordained minister with the Evangelical Free Church. Jeanine is a graduate of Trinity College, Deerfield, IL. Wayne and Jeanine Allen have been directing/counseling with Freedom Ministries in Moline, IL since 1995. They were introduced to freedom principles while serving as missionaries in the Philippines. In the midst of personal family crisis, they experienced profound transformation in their Christian lives after being led through "The Steps to Freedom." Upon returning to the States, they began helping others find freedom in Christ, which led to full time ministry in 1999. The Allen's have helped hundreds personally and via seminars in the USA and abroad.


Freedom Ministries is a faith-based ministry supported through the generous gifts of individuals, churches, and organizations that share the vision to make available competent, free, Christian prayer ministry.